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Three Key Strengths

Shinden Hightex is a specialist trading firm dealing mainly in the sale of electronic components such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and semiconductors. Since our establishment, we have been making proposals to precisely meet the needs of our customers by ascertaining technology, quality and specs with our expert eyes from among a great number of products. We take pride not only in our procurement capabilities that are demanded of us as the function of a trading company, but also our supply chain management which allows us to flexibly support significant technological innovations and market conditions that change on a daily basis.

Shinden Hightex inspires businesses together with our customers. (Personnel with abundant experience, Strong collaborations with leading manufacturers, Flexibility and mobility) Shinden Hightex delivers the best products for its customers and achieves a stable supply with its overall strengths.

  • Personnel with abundant experience
  • Strong collaborations with leading manufacturers
  • Flexibility and mobility

Personnel with abundant experience

Shinden Hightex is comprised of personnel with abundant experience through a management team thoroughly acquainted with the industry and professional sales representatives.

We employ personnel with abundant experience who have the same level or higher in terms of knowledge of the industry as our sales representatives under a management team centered on those who have come from major companies in the industry.
We are able to make the best proposals to our customers by ridding ourselves of the boundaries between our sales representatives and management team while our management team also works closely with each and every sales representative as active sales representatives. We take pride in the many results we have achieved with this sales and marketing style to build a solid customer base.

  1. Shinden Hightex | Management team thoroughly acquainted with the industry <- Smooth transmission of sales strategy and Information sharing -> Professional sales representatives (Employment of industry experts with a wealth of knowledge)
  2. Reliable proposal capabilities and quick response capabilities to meet needs
  3. Strong customer base(Large and leading manufacturing companies in Japan) | LCD (Electronics manufacturer / Car electronics manufacturer / Display and monitor manufacturer), Electronic Equipment (Electronics manufacturer / Weighing and packaging equipment manufacturer / Industrial robot manufacturer / Marine and industrial electronics manufacturer) Semiconductors (Electronics manufacturer / Camera manufacturer / Office automation equipment manufacturer),

Strong collaborations with leading manufacturers

Shinden Hightex has built up a track record of numerous dealings with various electronics manufacturers who lead the world.

Since our establishment, we have built up a strong relationship of trust with the leading liquid crystal and memory product manufacturers LGD, SK hynix, MagnaChip and GLOBALFOUNDRIES.
Furthermore, we have been repeatedly introduced as a new supplier and appointed as a dealer when expanding business into Japan through this pipeline.

  1. Shinden Hightex <- Strong trust -> Top electronics manufactures around the world
  2. We take pride in having the top market share in Japan for each manufacturer we deal with.

Flexibility and mobility

Shinden Hightex has the flexibility and mobility to be able to deal with fluctuations in the business environment.

The ratio of fixed assets (tangible fixed assets and intangible fixed assets) accounting for the total assets of Shinden Hightex is 0.2%.
We are able to flexibly and efficiently manage stock and inventory by linking up with our external distribution system without having any of our own warehouses.
We ensure mobility with a flexible organizational design while reducing the various risks of fluctuations in the business environment at the same time as maintaining an agile financial position.

  1. Shinden Hightex | Agile financial position (Ensuring flexibility and mobility) -> Outsourcing of our distribution system
  2. Strengthening of our supply chain management (Reducing the risk of fluctuations in the business environment / Improving sales capabilities / Ensuring supply responsibility)